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Team Bella

Expert Stylist/Colorist/Co-Owner
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Bella Terrazzo has been in business in the same location for over 35 years. Karen has been one of the owners for that entire time. An Expert in the art of hair styling and colorizing, Karen helps to lead the team.

Expert Stylist/Colorist/Co-Owner
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Kathy is a co-owner of Bella Terrazzo. An Expert stylist and colorist she has helped guide the staff and the business to a point where it is today considered – “The Best Salon and Spa North of Boston”.

Master Stylist/Colorist
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With over 20 years of experience as a Master Stylist and Colorist at Bella Terrazzo, Christine can help any client reach their beauty potential.

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Alyssa joins the Bella Terrazzo team and brings a tremendous enthusiasm and passion for esthetics.

Jr. Stylist/Colorist
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Jade’s enthusiasm and love for all things fashionable and stylish is great to be around. Come sample her ability to offer you a fresh new look.


Nutrition/Exercise/Wellness Advisor
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Jenelle has a passion for health. With a Master’s degree in Exercise Science/Wellness and as well as being a Registered Dietitian /Nutrition expert she is licensed in the State of MA. She helps keep our clients on the path to proper wellness.